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creating the 4th utility

What is in it for me?

Community Network

Once a luxury, High Speed Internet in now considered the 4th Utility — like electricity, water and sanitation.

Multiple Service Providers

Consumers will be able to select from a list of Internet Service Providers at the click of a button.

Affordable Internet Service

Create the basis for ISP’s to provide faster and more affordable access to the Internet.

Reliable Internet

Building a sustainable and redundant network to keep our community connected.

About Connect4

High speed affordable internet to every rooftop in Montezuma County.
Internet the 4th Utility!

THE TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: This project is a complete broadband build-out that touches every rooftop. It does not overbuild the Farmers Telephone service area. This open access network will be built using multiple phases to construct the middle mile and last mile county-wide. The middle mile will connect the city and town “HUBS” and provide a level of redundancy to the Tri-State fiber path. The last mile will utilize a passive optical network “PON” for citizen connectivity. This is the latest technology that Google is deploying. The network is a combination of centralized and distributed fiber split. Hubs will be placed in Dolores, Mancos and Towaoc, and these Hubs will be connected to the Cortez Hub and co-location facility for the service provider’s integration. A combination of aerial, underground and wireless construction will be required. Wireless will be utilized in difficult terrain areas to provide connectivity.

  • people support a 1% sales tax now

    From stat survey done in May 2016

  • People have more than 4 devices at home that connect to the internet
  • Home Based Businesses
  • want faster internet

Working together

All Communities of Montezuma County Are Working Together
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Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Ute Mountain Ute supports Connect4 Broadband.
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Town of Dolores

Town of Dolores supports Connect4 Broadband.
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City of Cortez supports the Connect4 Broadband.
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Town of Mancos

Town of Mancos supports Connect4 Broadband.


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